Re: Q for the standards gurus...

Alessandro Suardi (
Thu, 01 May 1997 13:04:46 +0200

Mike Jagdis wrote:
> Question: I know wossisname, Gallmeister, gives AIO examples
> of AIO on ordinary files. I also know that SCO only does AIO
> on raw devices. What do other systems do? What is actually
> required by the standards? Would everyone or anyone be happy
> with AIO on block devices only?
> Mike

Let me say up front that I am far from being a "standard guru";
having said that, here's what I know:

Solaris does AIO in kernel on raw devices AND filesystems. In
2.4 you need to install it as a patch, 2.5+ should have that
in the vanilla distribution.
Actually it's the only OS I have seen where Oracle7 supports
asynchronous reads and writes on the filesystem.

SunOS, AIX (up to 4.1.5) and HP-UX (up to 10.20) only do AIO
on raw block device. Don't know for sure about other platforms
or later releases of AIX and HP-UX.


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