RE: Solaris source (fwd)

James Mohr (
Thu, 1 May 1997 21:10:32 +-200

>> Solaris is the single best UNIX available right now.
>> Everyone knows that.

What experiences have you had administering either DEC UNIX or SCO? I
administer all three and both of these are *far* easier to administer than Solaris.
When you consider that 42% of the actual cost of running a computer
is maintenance and support (compared to 37% for the initial purchase),
how easy it is to administer is more significant.

In addition to these three, I have worked with AIX and obviously Linux.
Given the choice for ease of administration I would take SCO over
*any* of them. I can sit at one machine and manage users, printers, and
backups; install software; administer filesystem; etc all from a single
desktop *without* having to telnet to another machine. Plus it comes
default with a Web server so any administration aspect that I cannot
do from the desktop by default, I simply add a new web page.

Maybe Solaris has this functionality built in somewhere. However, even the
NT documentation is better than Solaris. You can't find anything. With SCO
All the doc, including man-pages and manuals are on-line and based on HTML.
Therefore, I can access a single set of doc from anywhere on the net, I can
search, create bookmarks, any anything else you can with Web pages.

For ease of administration (which has the lion's share of the costs), experience
has shown me that SCO beats the others without a doubt