Re: BogoMIPS Rating on MMX

The SethMeister (
Thu, 01 May 1997 16:05:33 -0400

>Actually, CMOS logic does operate faster at a higher voltage. Of
>course, if you operate above the spec voltage you take the risk of
>letting the magic smoke out, either by zapping the channels of the
>transistors or by overheating the chip.
>That being said, this would only affect your chip if the clock
>frequency was correspondingly incresed as well. Possibly changing the
>voltage also changed the internal clock multiplier.

Incidentally, the reason I changed the voltage was because my systemwas
locking up SOLID. Since I dropped the voltage, I have not experienced a
lockup. Once thing that's weird, however is that I have a SuperMicro P5STE
board at it supplies a NONCHANGEABLE 3.5V voltageto the I/O CORE; the MMX
stats says 3.3V (with a max 3.6V tolerance) This seems that this is bad,
no ? :)