Re: kernel 2.0.30

Andreas Degert (
01 May 1997 23:19:53 +0200

"Dr. Werner Fink" <> writes:

[ ... ]
> Hmm ... I'm don't think so ... maybe the problem is triggered by the
> changes in fs/buffer.c but these changes are not the cause for the problem.
> We heave at S.u.S.E. some support mails and support phone calls for 2.0.25
> and 2.0.29 with the same problems now often found in 2.0.30. Maybe some
> of the problems are caused by broken or misconfigured hardware ... but
> the rest of these phenomenons?

I also suspect there is at least one bug lurking in 2.0 kernels that
is causing memory corruption. Some time ago on one of our servers the
init-process suddenly had a ppid of 1 (instead of 0). Everything else
seemed to be ok. I thought it was some sort of hardware fault till
someone else sent a mail to linux-kernel with exactly the same problem

Another point is that I had some ocurrences of filesystem corruption
(nothing dramatic, just a directory that suddenly was a file with
strange attributes or so) and and some other strange things that made
me reboot the system.

I don't think it's hardware-problems, because it's with several
machines and the worked very solid with previous linux versions. I had
these problems with 2.0.29, 2.0.27 etc. These problems are showing up
very seldom.

So, maybe these things are happening more often with 2.0.30 (i haven't
installed it). That wouldn't be bad because then we get a change to
hunt it down.