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Michael Nelson (
Thu, 1 May 1997 16:43:31 PDT

On a purely technical note, I would like to add that NT has since day 1 had
the technical groundwork for multiple user support under the guise of
"WindowStations". It was supposed to be a feature for 3.1, but it never made
the cut.


On May 1, 3:48pm, "Bart Dorsey" wrote:
} Subject: Re: Solaris sources {linux-kernel}
} It's entirely possible Citrix got access to the WIndows NT kernel source..
} The reason I think this is becuause supposedly NT 5.0 is supposed to be
} multi-user... and I bet I know how M$ is going to pull that off.. with
} Citrix's help
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} Subject: Re: Solaris sources
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} >>I can't confirm this, but I remember reading or being told quite a while
} >>ago that Citrix had purchased an NT-source license. It was the basis
} >>for their product, which basically hacked at the NT kernel and made it
} >>multi-user over the network (as an application server). When you bought
} >>the Citrix product, as I recall, you got a "new" NT kernel that would
} >>let you connect up over the network and actually "log in" to NT from
} >>several desktops.
} >
} > That is correct; they have a product called NTrigue that allows you to
} run
} >NT in a distributed fashion, even usable over an X server. However, I
} >don't think the sources were free for them ;)
} >
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