Re: SCSI disk devices

Manish Vachharajani (
Thu, 1 May 1997 19:06:45 -0400

From: rohrer keith w <>
Date: Thu, 1 May 1997 16:53:07 -0500 (CDT)

Assuming you don't use lilo or that you use a boot floppy. Otherwise
the new SCSI disk will move your root disk in the BIOS' enumeration, and
lilo won't find the kernel (or half of itself) anymore.

Not that this invalidates your point: to ensure that a disk is the
first SCSI disk, there's currently only one choice, making it ID 0.


On a PC, you are absolutely correct, and I hadn't thought of that. On
a sparc on the other hand, and please someone correct me if I am
wrong, adding a disk before the root disk at id x won't break silo,
since the device nodes in the prom are based on controller number and
scsi id. So maybe it is still something to think about, I don't see
any work around for the PC though(unless you get Openfirmware for it
and make linux support it) :)

This still doesn't solve the hairy mess with adding controllers though. :(

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