cyrix 6x86 and ne2000 driver problem

Nick Evgenev (
Fri, 2 May 1997 14:33:42 +0400 (MSD)


I've got a strange problem with ne2000 driver in linux 2.0.xx
kernels and cyrix(ibm's) cpu. My hardware:
motherboard - FIC pt-2006 with 32mb EDO ( VX based)
cpu - ibm 6x86 166+ rev 1.7
ethernet - isa ne2000 compatible
(irq 11 io 300)
sound - creative sb16 vibra pnp (irq 5, io 220, dma 1,5)
modem - com 3, irq 9
modem - com 1
mouse - com 2

linux 2.0.28,29,30 gcc 2.7.2

The problem is:
1. sometimes machine hangs, depends on eth0 traffic
I can't determinate exactly whats goes on :(
2. *Always* very slow put on my ftp via eth0 (from 1 to 20 kb/s)
3. Others operation on local netwok are slowed sometimes

What I done already?
1. Changing 6x86 on i-100 solved all problems
2. Changing ne2000 on amd pci-32 (lance) solved my problems too.
3. Different modifications of ne2000(isa) cards changed without
any success :(

I think that problem is delays in ne2000 driver or
somewhere in kernel. Those delays seems to be broken due loop
optimisations in cyrix cpu. I hope that problem will be fixed
soon :)