Re: Solaris source (fwd)

Alessandro Suardi (
Fri, 02 May 1997 13:24:44 +0200

James Mohr wrote:
> Maybe Solaris has this functionality built in somewhere. However, even the
> NT documentation is better than Solaris. You can't find anything.

--- sorry for the off-topic but I couldn't resist ---

This only shows you don't know where to look at :)

When you install Solaris you can choose end-user, developer,
complete or custom install (if I remember correctly). The
end-user only comes without man pages installed, so blame who
did the installation, not Solaris.
Then you have the SunSolve CDs for bug hunting and the Answerbook
CDs for on-line manuals in graphical format. Those were invaluable
in setting up printers with Ninja Parameters From Mars to lpsystem
in Solaris 2.1 (bleah !).

NT documentation does not even come close to Sun's own. Especially
the troubleshooting section. Oh yeah, Bill's OS's never fail ;)

- and, since this thread was about Solaris source, can we end it ? -

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