Dropping a.out support

Peter Mutsaers (plm@lucent.com)
Fri, 2 May 1997 13:50:00 +0200

>> On Fri, 2 May 1997 13:39:34 +0200 (MET DST), Thomas Koenig
>> <ig25@mvmap66.ciw.uni-karlsruhe.de> said:

TK> Dropping a.out support would also go a long way towards
TK> establishing that Linux is NOT a serious operating system. It
TK> would also penalize those companies who first showed trust in
TK> Linux by making their commercial software available at a time
TK> when a.out was the only recognized format.

Would not any serious commercial vendor have a new ELF release of
there product, more than 2 years after it has been introduced?

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