Re: Dropping a.out support

Harald Koenig (
Fri, 2 May 1997 14:53:35 +0200

On May 2, Peter Mutsaers wrote:

> HK> obviously not. and even if they would do so, you can't assume
> HK> that every user will upgrade to their newest release (probably
> HK> paying again $$$) just to get ELF binaries because Linux no
> HK> longer supports a.out...
> Then don't upgrade your Linux system either. Keep it as is for your
> old apps.

not an option for all setups (see other mail). remember that we're talking
about software which you have paid $$$ for and I'd guess you'd like to run
it on your most recent and fastest hardware (if licence agreement allows
moving to another host/cpu...)!

> It is the same with other Unix vendors too. Look at Sun: Solaris still
> runs many SunOS binaries, but not all. Most vendors went through a
> period of transition like this. After a couple of years, for the sake
> of progress and efficiency, the old stuff must become obsolete. Users
> that don't want to move on, then have to stick with their old system
> and don't touch it.

one more reason we should do better then "other Unix vendors" like SUN...


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