Re: Solaris source

Troy Morrison (
Fri, 02 May 1997 08:10:21 -0700

Systemkennung Linux wrote:

> > There's no point in fighting Micro$haft... they can have the idiot
> section
> > of the computer market. Linux is UNIX -- and that means it ain't
> as simple
> > as "click here to begin." [I'll shutup before I start ranting...]
> This is your personal opinion - and it's a dangerous one. Idiots
> rule
> the world :-( We do have a powerfull interface to the machine. We
> now
> need something easy to use on top of that. Remember that we all
> work
> on the project "World Domination. Fast."

Sadly, I must agree. My boss fits into the "idiot" category, and for
that reason he's trying to migrate our little overworked Linux server
into 4 NT servers. It's very frustrating to try to explain to him that
MicroSnot Exchange isn't as powerful as sendmail, because he's sooo
certain that MicroSnot must have thought of everything and included it.

We set up the Linux server in two days, and had full web-browsing,
email, and internet connectivity. We've been working on migrating to NT
for near about three months now, and it's still not up. Grrrr.