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James Mohr (
Fri, 2 May 1997 19:03:39 +-200

> what's the other 21%?

"Deployment" of the hardware and software. As for someone else's comment about statistics, although these fit fairly well with my experience of ca. 500 PCs and servers, the numbers are from the May BYTE. So, about we say 1/5 for deployment and about 2/5 for each of acquisition and administration with administration being slightly higher?



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James Mohr <> writes:

> >> Solaris is the single best UNIX available right now.
> >> Everyone knows that.
> What experiences have you had administering either DEC UNIX or SCO? I
> administer all three and both of these are *far* easier to administer than Solaris.
> When you consider that 42% of the actual cost of running a computer
> is maintenance and support (compared to 37% for the initial purchase),
> how easy it is to administer is more significant.

what's the other 21%?