sliplogin - sl0 busy and not MOD_IN_USE ??

Dan Hopper (
Fri, 2 May 1997 15:19:57 -0400


I've been trying to get slip going on a new Redhat 4.1 box (it had been on
an old Yggdrasil box). sliplogin was apparently easy to set up (it was
running on the old box, too). However, whenever a slip user logs in, I get
a kernel error message like this:

May 2 15:12:11 flash PAM_pwdb[7624]: (login) session opened for user
Sdhopper by LOGIN(uid=0)
May 2 15:12:13 flash -sliplogin[7629]: attaching slip unit sl0 for Sdhopper
May 2 15:12:13 flash kernel: ERROR 'sl0' busy and not MOD_IN_USE.
May 2 15:12:13 flash -sliplogin[7629]: /etc/slip/slip.login sl0 38400 7629
Sdhopper flash auto scanfile.c for
May 2 15:12:13 flash -sliplogin[7629]: Sdhopper login failed: exit status
512 from /etc/slip/slip.login
May 2 15:12:13 flash PAM_pwdb[7624]: (login) session closed for user

The "'sl0' busy and not MOD_IN_USE" line is the one I'm talking about.
It'll then hang up the phone. I've searched all the mailing lists, redhat,
the various search engines, etc., and while plenty of people seem to be
having this problem, noone has a solution.

The configuration is: Redhat 4.1, mgetty on the dialin ports (ppp and
interactive logins work fine), kernel 2.0.30 with ppp and slip/cslip. I've
made sliplogin SUID root, even gone so far as to copy the old COFF sliplogin
exe from the old box over -- same error message from the kernel.

Anyone have any ideas? I took a stab at the kernel source, but I'm afraid
that file is a little beyond me right now.

Dan Hopper

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