Re: This thread is silly (Re: Dropping a.out support)
Fri, 2 May 1997 18:29:23 +0200

>Just to make a point, I just got 1.9.2, installed it
>and happily played a game of doom (gawd does it look like wolf3d :) ).

>So, your old binaries will still work because they will use /lib/
>(which seems to be from 1.8.9 on my box). Installing 1.9.2 won't
>touch that file at all. The elf loader is /lib/


So, suppose you install a brand new, really fast machine from a fresh
distribution which only has 1.9.2, mount your application server
via NFS (or copy it over), then try to start up doom or Maple VR3.

What happens?

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