Re: VFS questions

Jon Peatfield (
03 May 1997 01:13:10 +0100

Well I'd got as far as having something which would mount and not much
else (ok I'd just got to readdir/read/write) when I got told that
there is already a working implementation.

However, while looking though the code it occured to me that all the
places where generic code is run if there isn't a function provided by
a vfs, should really be split off as seperate functions (like
generic_read already is). This way a fs can chose to call the
"generic code" possibly as part of it's operation.

e.g. it may call the the generic permission code after dealing with
some weird fs specific permissions checking. This would also make
lofs much easier, as half the battle appears to be working out what to
do if an inode doesn't have a particular function (one of return an
error, or do some generic code usually).

Mind you I don't really want to wish this job on anyone, it is tedious
(and dangerous if you arn't a vfs expert).

Am I being stupid or should this be done sometime...

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