[PATCH] 2.1.36 Documentation/Configure.help

Riccardo Facchetti (fizban@mbox.vol.it)
Sat, 3 May 1997 12:28:34 +0200 (MET DST)

I have written some help for the Audio Excel DSP 16 lowlevel init code
(for which I'm the mantainer).

I have alredy sent the diff to Configure.help file to the mantainer of
this file some time ago, but I havn't seen it included in the kernel.
Since the code is alredy in place, please update the Configure.help with
this patch.

Thank you.

--- linux/Documentation/Configure.help.original Sat May 3 09:43:17 1997
+++ linux/Documentation/Configure.help Sat May 3 09:43:56 1997
@@ -4626,6 +4626,40 @@
also controls the radio tuner on this card, however this is not
yet supported in this software.

+Gallant's Audio Excel DSP 16 support (SC-6000 and SC-6600)
+ Answer Y if you have a Gallant's Audio Excel DSP 16 card. This card
+ emulate an SBPro or a Microsoft Sound System card.
+ You must select one of the Sound Blaster or Microsoft Sound System
+ drivers before select this menu item.
+ Read the drivers/sound/lowlevel/README.aedsp16 file and the head of
+ drivers/sound/lowlevel/aedsp16.c to have more informations about
+ this driver and its configuration.
+ If you are changing the card configuration, please, undefine all
+ the old Audio Excel parameters because leaving it defined while
+ selecting the alternate emulation, may screw up your .config file.
+ !!!NOTE!!!
+ The driver supports Audio Excel DSP 16 but not the III version of
+ this card. Read drivers/sound/lowlevel/Readme.aedsp16 if you want
+ to know something more on how to use the III version with this sound
+ driver.
+SC-6600 based audio cards (new Audio Excel DSP 16)
+ The SC6600 is the new version of DSP mounted on the Audio Excel DSP 16
+ cards. Check the FCC ID of your audio card and answer Y if you have an
+ SC6600 DSP.
+Audio Excel DSP 16 (MSS emulation)
+ Answer Y if you want your audio card emulate Microsoft Sound System.
+Audio Excel DSP 16 (SBPro emulation)
+ Answer Y if you want your audio card emulate Sound Blaster Pro.
Kernel profiling support
This is for kernel hackers who want to know how much time the kernel