patch against driver/cdrom/mcdx.c

Andreas Jellinghaus (
Sat, 3 May 1997 18:41:58 +0200

this patch makes mcdx.c conform to normal behavior and fixes a bug that
causes MAKEDEV-C to break.
(without this patch mcdx registers as "Mitsumi CD-ROM" in /proc/devices.
with this path it registers as "mcdx", like it should (every other
device driver does it this way).

i mailed this patch to the author of mcdx.
it would be great, if this patch makes its way into the next kernels..

regards, andreas

patch (drivers/cdrom/mcdx.c)
< if (unregister_blkdev(MAJOR_NR, "mcdx") != 0) {

>     if (unregister_blkdev(MAJOR_NR, DEVICE_NAME) != 0) {
< 		if (register_blkdev(MAJOR_NR, "mcdx", &mcdx_fops) != 0) {
> 		if (register_blkdev(MAJOR_NR, DEVICE_NAME, &mcdx_fops) != 0) {