pre-patch-2.1.37-3 comment / compile fixes

Joe Fouche (
Sat, 3 May 1997 13:03:10 -0700

The system seems stable, but it maintains a load average of 1 when nothing is
running. I.e., the load is always too high by 1. System is a uniprocessor p100
which ran 2.1.36 flawlessly.

Also, to make compiling easier, smp.h needs

#define hard_smp_processor_id() 0

and arch/i386/lib/Makefile needs

CFLAGS := $(CFLAGS) -fno-inline-functions

This second one is a problem where newer pgcc snapshots [and thus the
long-awaited 2.8.0] will aggressively inline the code and cause multiply
defined symbols in checksum.c. Shouldn't affect performance as I don't
see any code that would benefit from inlining in there.

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