Re: Q for the standards gurus...

Alessandro Suardi (
Sun, 04 May 1997 01:29:56 +0200

Alan Cox wrote:
> Have a look how OS's do AIO. A suprising number treat AIO as a user space
> threading problem. I think this is definitely the right approach.

My knowledge here gets thinner... again, what I know:

I am told by IBM people that AIX runs a 'kproc' task for every AIO
request. It does not show in normal 'ps' output (have to use UCB
style 'ps') and looks like a "k"ernel "proc"ess.

Sun boasted improved performance with KAIO in Solaris 2.4, more or
less at the same time when they modularized telnetd and ran that
in kernel as well.


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