Re: SCSI disk devices

Eric Youngdale (
Sat, 3 May 1997 19:33:34 -0400

>Actually, I think this program *is* alpha status, it looks like it was
>never properly cleaned up for release (often does not check returned
>values etc.) but it *does* work and is very nice. If Eric is busy, better
>release alpha than not at all...

When I wrote scsidev, the idea was to toss it out and see
whether people consider this to be an acceptable solution to the
problem of addressing devices. As far as I can tell, most people were
quite indifferent, and other people seemed to dislike the h#c#t#d#p#
types of names.

The real problem I guess is that people with many disks have
much different needs than those with just one or two. As a result, people
with just one don't want 'ugly' names, while people with very large numbers
of disks find the '/dev/sda1' types of names to be useless.

Let me pose the question again. For large numbers of disks (you get
to define large), is scsidev an adequate solution to the problem or not?
Keep in mind that it doesn't force people to abandon the /dev/sda1 types
of names, so people with small numbers of disks can continue to operate as
they always have.

If I get a clear indication that this is the direction we want
to go, then scsidev can be cleaned up and enhanced (making it volume
label aware is one enhancement I wanted to add, especially now that
ext2 supports volume labels). It also should be made filesystem aware
too, I think so that it can recognize various types of filesystems
(this is a prerequisite to being able to snarf the volume labels).