Re: Dropping a.out support

Tsung-Hsiang Hsueh (
Fri, 2 May 1997 12:35:26 -0500 (EST)

On 2 May 1997, Peter Mutsaers wrote:

> It is the same with other Unix vendors too. Look at Sun: Solaris still
> runs many SunOS binaries, but not all. Most vendors went through a
> period of transition like this. After a couple of years, for the sake
> of progress and efficiency, the old stuff must become obsolete. Users
> that don't want to move on, then have to stick with their old system
> and don't touch it.
There is no reason for Linux to make the same mistakes as Solaris did.
And there is still a lot of people running releases 1.x.xx of Linux,
which are mostly a.out, and will eventually upgrade to the newer releases
of Linux. What will happen if they found out one day after an upgrade that
none of their favorite applications don't work anymore ?!