Re: 2.1.37-4 breaks BusLogic driver
Sun, 4 May 1997 13:55:48 -0700 (PDT)

Hello all,

Just downloaded the pre-2.1.37-4 patch. Patched it against a clean
2.1.36 and compiled without problem. Made all the modules, re-installed
them, and rebooted.

Kernel booted fine, but there seems to be a delay before my Buslogic
958 was initialized. This didn't happen before, but it doesn't seem
to have any effect (so far). I will let this run over the next couple of
days and see if I get any oops during normal system operation.

System configuration:

SuperMicro P55CMS with P100 (note I didn't compile SMP in!)
BT-958 UltraWide SCSI controller
ECP compatible parallel port (fully recognized my LaserJet 5L )


Troy Muller


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