SMP linux version pre-2.1.37

Richard B. Johnson (
Sun, 4 May 1997 22:02:44 -0400 (EDT)

I am having a very bad time trying to make a SMP kernel that boots and
stays up long enough to at least get something written to the logs.

I have the latest kernel, made with the latest pre-patch off from This kernel crashes as soon as in attempts to mount
my file-system.

I downloaded your latest and greatest aic7xxx driver and installed it.
To get it to build the assembler, I had to modify the Makefile to use
flex instead of lex. Otherwise it built okay.

However, as soon as the root file-system is mounted or I execute
swapon, the system will crash.

Therefore, I swapped the BusLogic controller from this system and built
the system on my SMP machine to use the BusLogic adapter. It boots and
works. This was not an easy task because the BusLogic adapter and the
aix7xxx use a different sector translation scheme so I had to build
a root file system from scratch on my "Buslogic" machine and transfer
its hard disk and controller to the SMP Machine. This whole thing has
wasted an entire weekend. But, it shows that there is something incompatible
between your new driver and the changes made for SMP. Note that Linus uses
a BusLogic board so as soon as I made my machine look like Linus' machine
it works, i.e., boots and is able to mount a file-system. It has errors
that kill tasks, etc., (many of the network daemons drop core) but at
least it runs.

Can you offer a suggestion as to where I might add a call to
synchronize_irq() to stop a possible race, or something like that?

Basically, I can never WRITE to the drive! It reads executables fine.
As soon as it's mounted and the klogd daemon starts to write the
startup messages, the machine is dead. I can show this by booting
with /bin/bash instead of init then....

# ls -R (Works fine)
# /sbin/mount -n -o remount / (Works fine so far)
# ls -R (Works fine)
# echo foo >

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