Re: cyrix 6x86 and ne2000 driver problem

Nick Evgenev (
Mon, 5 May 1997 11:52:46 +0400 (MSD)


On Sat, 3 May 1997, Alan Cox wrote:

> > ethernet - isa ne2000 compatible
> > (irq 11 io 300)
> > 3. Different modifications of ne2000(isa) cards changed without
> > any success :(
> > I think that problem is delays in ne2000 driver or
> > somewhere in kernel. Those delays seems to be broken due loop
> > optimisations in cyrix cpu. I hope that problem will be fixed
> > soon :)
> The shouldnt be. We use two kinds of delays inb_p/outb_p generate an
> extra I/O cycle on the ISA bus. udelay precomputes timing according to the
> CPU. Thus for example the MMX pentium does loops far faster than the pentium
> but the timing adjusts accordingly.

But in fact something working wrong :). As I wrote exchange
cyrix cpu on intel or isa ne2000 on amd pci has solved all my problems.
In a few days I will be able to test pci ne2000. If it will working
fine with cyrix, then the problem is isa delays. Are you agree? Should
I test other isa cards like 3com?

> You might also want to check that IRQ 11 isnt assigned to a PCI bus slot
> (even an unused one).

irq is free.