[2.1.36] Process resource usage (and process startup problems?)

Andrew Snare (earthpig@yoyo.cc.monash.edu.au)
Mon, 05 May 1997 19:21:33 +1000


Hi. I've noticed that under 2.1.36 there doesn't appear to be any
tracking done of how much CPU time a process has used. This can be seen
by clock() always returning 0 and in, for example, a top listing whereby
none of the processes appear to be using any CPU time at all. The shell's
"time" function also fails to find anything I run using any CPU time at
all. Sadly I do know this is not the case... if only it was true. :)
I'm imagining this is related to the SMP code being overhauled in
recent kernel revisions, but haven't even thought about trying to find
it yet. Has anyone else noticed this, and if so is it something simple
like the inode chown() problem? :)

The other thing I've noticed is that sometimes the machine appears to
lockup, but stuff that is running continues to run. Newly created
processes appear to take forever to startup. Then all of a sudden the
problem goes away and things proceed at full speed. This was noticed
after firing up xdm and logging in. The .xsession appears to run at full
speed, but anything invoked by things invoked by .xsession stalls. Hmmm.
That last sentence is rather hard to parse -- an example is that my
xterms fire up on cue, but the shells and shell startup scripts halt for
a while. Maybe it's just grainy scheduling or something.

Anyway I'm not sure that's of much use but after following the traffic
on this list for a few days and reading the archives I can't see where
it's been mentioned by anyone else.


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