Re: kmalloc fd patch

Oskar Pearson (
Mon, 5 May 1997 19:54:07 +0200

Jon Lewis writes:
> I just noticed that on systems patched with the O'Reilly >256fd patch,
> screen (3.7.1) breaks. Trying to lock screen (C-a x) causes screen to
> segfault. I'll probably try recompiling screen with a setrlimit of
> NOFILE 256 or less and see if that fixes it. Has anyone else encountered
> this?

I am using the one from
with linux 2.0.30
Screen version 3.07.03 (FAU) 23-Sep-96 (from redhat 3)
ldd /usr/bin/screen => /lib/ => /lib/

or Screen version 3.06.02 (FAU) 4-Apr-95 (from jurix unknown)
ldd /usr/bin/screen => /lib/ => /lib/

All work fine with the lock screen command.