Re: Volume management on Linux with the ext2fs.

Matthias Urlichs (
5 May 1997 22:00:10 +0200

In dist.linux.kernel, article <>,
Stefan Monnier <monnier+/news/lists/linux/> writes:
> "Theodore Y. Ts'o" <tytso@MIT.EDU> writes:
> > about this feature. Most of the time you need to powerdown the system
> > to cable the new disk into the SCSI chain anyway.....
> Especially with Linux using /dev/sda2 instead of something like
> /dev/dsk/dks0t1d0s5 or somesuch.

Especially with Linux not having a HALT key.

Playing with SCSI while the bus is (or might be) active is _dangerous_.

Implementing a static SCSI mapping is left as an exercise for sometime
before Linux 2.2 -- or whichever kernel will finally have 32-bit device
numbers. The GNU libc already uses them, fortunately.

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