Re: kernel structures 2.0.29->2.0.30

Matthias Urlichs (
6 May 1997 01:36:43 +0200

Philip Blundell <> writes:
> in. Admittedly this doesn't help much if you need those devices to boot
> your machine, but you always have the option of avoiding weird hardware to
> some extent.
You also have the option of building an initial RAM disk with your modules.
All you need is the RAM disk driver (very small) and romfs or ext2 (the
latter you need anyway, the former is nicely small).

> Things like noatime and ISS, yes that's a problem. Noatime is fairly
> minor though, and ISS isn't the sort of thing I expect to happen often.
Noatime doesn't change internal data structures. ISS is/was necessary given
those pesky SYN attacks (yes, and the performance increases...).

> most people are happy with. IMHO we ought to err on the side of too
> stable, rather than too unstable.
On the other hand, who needs a 'stable' system which can be brought down by
Joe Anybody from across the continent/ocean?

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