Re: What causes/fixes a general protection fault
Tue, 6 May 1997 20:18:27 +0000

Silly question, but what environment does the GPF generally
occur??? X windows, Win95, text displays???? Also, is it
happening in scrolling operations???

Also, what chipset is the Cirrus, and how new is it to your
system??? If it was a recent addition, were you getting
GPFs before you installed the card???

Gary L. Klesczewski

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> From: "Dudley Atkinson" <>
> Subject: What causes/fixes a general protection fault
> Date: 4 May 1997 02:54:23 GMT
> Organization: None

> I have used Linux for years, and have never had a GPF
> Pentium/ASUS P55TP4XE/96Meg
> Adaptec 2940UW
> Booting from simple IDE hard drive
> Cirrus PCI video
> Any ideas?
> The GPF is not predictable...