Re: pre-patch-2.0.31?

Matthias Urlichs (
6 May 1997 17:02:47 +0200

Chris Evans <> writes:
> Subject says it all really. I'm wondering if there is a pre-patch-2.0.31
> yet, as I have a server reboot imminent and would like to cram all the
> bugfixes possible into the kernel... also I've seen Dave utter the words
> "in my 2.0.31 tree" quite a lot :-)
I asked davem the same thing yesterday. He replied with something about
next week.

I hope he'll speed it up some. A simple "cvs diff -u -r linus-2-0-30 | gzip
> ~ftp/whatever/pre-2.0.31.patch.gz" shouldn't be too much of a problem
(famous last words, I'm sure).

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