tar/nfs/floppy interaction with 2.1?

Marty Leisner (leisner@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Tue, 6 May 1997 14:31:23 PDT

I'm using 2.1 with the old style NFS (haven't changed anything).

It seems NFS writing may be flakey...

When I untar from a floppy disk onto an nfs mounted disk, I get
intermittent corruption of the data (both actual data and size).
When I untar onto local disk, I don't have the problem.

When I copy from local hard disk to nfs hard disk, I don't have a problem.

I'm using 2.1.36...(I also started to use the new tar recently...
so it took me a while to narrow this down).

is tar version independent
only happens of nfs writes with 2.1

marty leisner@sdsp.mc.xerox.com
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