Re: cyrix 6x86 and ne2000 driver problem

Steve McIntyre (
Wed, 7 May 1997 11:46:14 +0100 (BST)

In article <> you
> I think that different BIOS-es use different cyrix initializations
>(i.e. default optimizations). One of them may have incompatibility with
>delay calculations for isa cards(?) in linux. May be the begining of my
>problems is one of bios updates. Anyway I sure that the problem not only
>in cyrix because there are not such promlem with dos or win/nt.
> May be adding some code to kernel to identify cyrix and turn
>on only those features wich working fine with linux, and turn off all
>others is the best solution :) ?

It seems to be quite variable from machine to machine - the Cyrix I have
here normally runs fine with an NE2000, but it appears that the net card
causes a lockup after about 30 minutes in promiscuous mode. I agree with
Mike - the fast I/O setting could be the problem.

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