Re: pre-patch-2.0.31?

David S. Miller (
Wed, 7 May 1997 05:24:38 -0400

From: (Matthias Urlichs)
Date: 6 May 1997 17:02:47 +0200

I asked davem the same thing yesterday. He replied with something about
next week.

I hope he'll speed it up some. A simple "cvs diff -u -r linus-2-0-30 | gzip
> ~ftp/whatever/pre-2.0.31.patch.gz" shouldn't be too much of a problem
(famous last words, I'm sure).

It wish it was that simple for me to cook up a patch but it is not, I
would need something like:

cvs diff -exclude-tons-of-sparc-local-hacks

This is why I need to make the diff, then carefully go over it before
I can expect people to actually test it, I have to maticuliously weed
out the Sparc specific things which make up for lack of facilities the
Sparc needs in 2.0.x, thankfully my 2.1.x branch is just about
identical to Linus's tree so diffs require no effort there ;-)

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