Begin testing phase for 2.0.31, README

David S. Miller (
Wed, 7 May 1997 07:31:09 -0400

I have released a first pre-patch set for 2.0.31, it is the first so
it is bound to have some problems, this is why I ask people to begin
testing now if they can do so.

In particular I know there are some things in this patch set which are
not going to make it into 2.0.31 or are going to be rewritten in a
cleaner manner (the Intel memory size changes are going to be removed,
and the ext2 NO_ATIME support needs to be redone so it is clean like
the 2.1.x version of those changes, also the swap cache diffs will be
disappearing as well...)

Just a brief rundown:

1) Updated networking drivers for Wavelan, and various drivers
maintained by Donald Becker. Also an updated de4x5 driver
from David C. Davies and Matthew Jacob.

2) GDT scsi array driver is now in the tree, this was _long_

3) SO_BINDTODEVICE support has been added to the networking,
also there is documentation on it under Documentation/networking
Now the free DHCP server should compile out of the box.

4) Various networking bug fixes, too numerous to mention. The
transparent proxying support is still up in the air but we'll
be working to correct this.

Please test this and report back to us so the real 2.0.31 can be as
solid as humanly possible, thanks...

Finally, don't view anything in this patch set as cast in stone in any
way, if you see something bogus, make note of it to us, but don't lose
your mind over it as if it really did go into the real 2.0.31 kernel.

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