Re: 2.1.43 curious pipe-entries in / (root)

Kevin Buhr (
25 Jun 1997 12:36:10 -0500

Dieter Nuetzel <> writes:
> After booting with 2.1.43 and starting X (XFree86 3.2) with and without
> AcceleratedX 3.1 (=> I think it has nothing todo with it) I get the
> below pipes in my root (/). After rebooting with 2.1.42 they are gone.
> What's wrong here?

New code in 2.1.43 (see "get_pipe_inode" in "linux/fs/inode.c") puts
entries for anonymous pipes into the root directory. The 6-digit
number in the filename is the inode of the pipe.

Anonymous pipes are created with the pipe(2) system call. Since
shells typically use anonymous pipes for piped commands (and all sorts
of other programs use them for miscellaneous process/subprocess
communication), there'll usually be a bunch of them sitting around.

If you're interested in finding out who's using these pipes, you can
poke around in the "/proc/*/fd" directories: there'll be links from
file descriptor numbers to the "/.anonymouse-pipe-*" pseudofiles.

Kevin <>