block major 22, and kerneld (was: )

Bryn Paul Arnold Jones (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 13:24:40 +0100 (BST)

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997 wrote:

> Hi,
> I just recently let rc.S load kerneld when my system
> boots, now when It gets to checking for CD-ROM it says unable to find
> block-major 22 etc, I dont have anything compiled as a module yet, could
> someone perhaps shed some light on my problem? Thanks in advance.
> Alex

Don't worry, it looks for a CD by looking in all the places you can find
one (yes, it's very waistful). One place is /dev/hdc, and /dev/hdd, block
major 22 is ide1 (second ide adapter), and cause kerneld to attempt to
load a module for /dev/hd[cd]*

You can either edit /etc/rc.d/rc.cdrom, and make it probe only where the
CD really is (assuming you have one), or you can edit /etc/conf.modules
(or /etc/modules.conf, which ever you have), and add "alias block-major-22
off" (one line).

PS Please put in a subject line.

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