Re: 2.0.23 finally goes down :(

linux kernel account (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 08:10:15 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 8 Jul 1997, Jon Lewis wrote:

> I had a system with long uptime (248 days) running 2.0.23 (ping protection
> and a few other patches added) get weird on me the other day.
> root 1 99.9 0.1 868 84 ? S 22:00 1349:41 init
> root 14 99.9 0.0 840 32 ? S 22:00 625:47 update (bdflush)
> init and update were going wild on CPU usage, but other than that, the
> system seemed quite normal. Unfortunately, init (2.64) seemed to hang
> during shutdown -rf now and I had to have someone hit the reset button.
> Anyone know what might have caused this?

I just had a 2.1.27 long uptime go haywire on me.. It had about 210days
on it, and I was very sad to see it reboot (I loved asking people who use
NT 'whats the longest uptime you've seen?' and gotten 'a week' in return).

For some reason it was swapping even though ps -aux said there should
have been plenty of free ram.. So the loadavg was staying at 2.6.. I tried
killing the httpdserver and squid... But nothing phased it.. So I rebooted
it, and it's been up for 2days now with 20megs or so free.. I suspect
there might be a ram problem because has behaved a bit strange at times..
(telnet segfaulting etc..) But I dont have easy physical access to it..