when is label info commited to disk?

Marty Leisner (leisner@sdsp.mc.xerox.com)
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 07:53:45 PDT

When is the ext2 label information committed to the disk?
Isn't the label information in the superblock?

I hacked up cfdisk to print ext2 labels, and now give
all my parititions labels...

cfdisk now gives output which looks like this:
/dev/hda1 Boot Primary DOS FAT16 [ ] 705.99
/dev/hda2 Primary Linux [dist] 1200.17
/dev/hda3 Primary Linux [src] 1223.71
/dev/hda5 Logical Linux [root] 62.76
/dev/hda6 Logical Linux [usr] 604.01
/dev/hda7 Logical Linux [local] 604.01
/dev/hda8 Logical Linux [gnu] 447.13
/dev/hda9 Logical Linux [marty-home] 549.10
/dev/hda10 Logical Linux [html] 321.62
/dev/hda11 Logical Linux [mail] 219.64
Logical Free Space 258.86

But it seems the labels don't get commited with a sync operation...

(the update seems to occur at random).

Also, are there instructions on how to create an extended linux partition?

If I make hda2/hda3 extended linux partitions, the kernel counting
mechanism will screw up /dev/hda4

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