uni-processor BogoMips?

8 Jul 1997 22:40:16 -0000

David S. Miller writes:
> Whats the worlds record for bogomips on a uniprocessor running Linux?
> Anyone have at least a rough estimate if not a precise number?

Probably about 497.43 for a DEC Alpha 21164/500; that's the highest
that the BogoMips mini-HOWTO lists for a single processor running
linux. The highest overall is a HP9000-C160/160 running HPUX, which
gets 1278.00 BogoMips. The highest single-processor x86 is a
K6-210mhz (overclocked) which gets 416.15 running Linux.

Quad PPro/200s pull 794.62.

Not too many Sparcs listed, though -- got an addition?