Re: 2.0.23 finally goes down :(

Hans-Joachim Baader (
Tue, 8 Jul 97 23:36 MET DST

In article <> you write:
>I had a system with long uptime (248 days) running 2.0.23 (ping protection
>and a few other patches added) get weird on me the other day.
>root 1 99.9 0.1 868 84 ? S 22:00 1349:41 init
>root 14 99.9 0.0 840 32 ? S 22:00 625:47 update (bdflush)
>init and update were going wild on CPU usage, but other than that, the
>system seemed quite normal. Unfortunately, init (2.64) seemed to hang
>during shutdown -rf now and I had to have someone hit the reset button.
>Anyone know what might have caused this?

What did you do last? Any exceptional occurences? Did you have
process accounting running? This often helps diagnosing problems.

I'm far away from reaching such a long uptime - my server runs for
over 70 days now. The last few crashes were caused by buggy drivers
(mcd, ISDN).


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