Re: uni-processor BogoMips?

Erik Andersen (
Tue, 8 Jul 1997 20:45:11 -0600

On Jul 8, David S. Miller wrote
> Whats the worlds record for bogomips on a uniprocessor running Linux?
> Anyone have at least a rough estimate if not a precise number?

The BogoMips Mini-Howto ( says:

The Lowest Linux BogoMips:
Tim Van der Linden <>
Intel 8088/4.77
0.02 BogoMips

The Highest Linux single-CPU BogoMips:
Kevin Jacobs <>
21164/500 EB164 Durango
497.43 BogoMips

I don't know how current this is. My AMD K6 200 gives me
400, and 450 BogoMips if I gently overclock it. I havn't yet tried
83 Mhz bus speed... ;-)


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