Re: What stable kernel?

Hans-Joachim Baader (
Wed, 9 Jul 97 21:57 MET DST

In article <> you write:
>What's a reasonable stable kernel that will work in most circumstances?
>2.0.30 has lots of things broken (proxying, memory handling).

My server obviously doesn't know of this :-) It runs fine since 73 days
uptime now. I have installed another server with 2.0.30 in our office
which works as http proxy, news proxy and news server exclusively.
Also without any problems yet, uptime more than a week now.

>2.0.29 doesn't work for other people.

It worked fine for me. Perhaps it would be an even better solution
than 2.0.30.

>What's the most reasonable kernel that will work for most applications?
>Or has the idea of a stable, generally usable kernel been dropped while
>I wasn't listening?

If this wasn't the case any longer, I could as well buy WinCrap NT...


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