Re: Linux on AMD K6

Jeffrey Wiegley (
Wed, 09 Jul 1997 22:32:03 -0700

I too am looking to purchase a K6 CPU instead of an Intel Pentium. I
don't know the answer to my next question so I apologize for not being
able to answer the original question due to a lack of general knowledge
on the subject.

My questions would be:

Currently how well does either the 2.0 or 2.1 kernels support the AMD
What special patches exist to increase K6 compatibilty/performance?
Are there any gcc/g++ compiler options that should be used to increase
performance for a K6?
Any other things that new K6 users should be aware of?

Other than that: Tim, I've heard only mostly good things about the ASUS
brand motherboards, specifically the TX97 series for use with the K6.
Appearantly it supports the 75Mhz and 83Mhz bus speeds quite well and is
a good bet for overclocking (not that I suggest overclocking as a safe
thing to do to a CPU). So I'm going to get a TX97-XE motherboard now and
then get a K6-233 or K6-266 when the prices drop in february or the
K6-266 becomes available. So that's my current hardware suggestion.

- Jeff

guess wrote:
> I am considering buying K6 processer instead of Pentium machine for an
> internet server wich will be running Linux/ http Server (Don't know
> wich
> one yet, probably Appache)
> I'd like to know public oppinion on this. Also some comparison on how
> it
> works on Pentium, Pentium Pro, Pentium II, and K6
> How much better is on or the other and by how much
> Also wich other recomded Hardware I should go for.
> Tim