Re: Linux on AMD K6

Vadim E. Kogan (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 08:35:23 -0700

linux kernel account wrote:
> On Thu, 10 Jul 1997, guess wrote:
> What kinda hits are you expecting? I'm running a webserver with 2.0.27 on
> a 486/100 with 48megs of ram.. It's got a few virtural domains a day and
> gets a few thousand hits a day.. It performs like a champ.. I've even had
> people say that it was one of the fastest sites they've been on.. (And on
> a 128k frame relay)... BTW- It's running Apache 1.2, and is on a 1.6gig
> IDE (Imagine that..), mounted no_atime...
Heh. I'll see what you will say when your server will load full T1. Then
you'll find some nice things:
1. Apache suxx - it's insecure, stupid and slow
2. SCSI doesn't make big difference if you have enougth RAM
3. (answer to last question) You need PCI good network card.

Now I'll explain some things:
Im running some strange things: WN & Zeus. WN for HTML for busy sites &
Zeus for everything else. Some sites are completely on Zeus. Well... Im
going to try boa.
It's P133/64Mb. Yeah, SCSI dist - but just normal SCSI. I tried to move
one busy site to my own computer for 15-30 mins. On Apache. Yeah, it's
stupid, but I thought it will be fast. Nope. It was *really* slow on my
DualPPro200/144Mb. This shit fork()s. So if you need *S*erver for
something like your situation - get WN - free, secure & smart. If you
need speed - get Zeus (not free) or maybe boa (I didn't try it in real
real work)
Depending on structure of your sites, people usually access some files
all the time, but a lot of files have access only once a week (for
example). As a result almost everything you need will be in cache (or
mmap()ed, or somehow in shared memory - dunno how zeus does caching)
PCI network card "eats" less from your CPU. I got pretty good results
with Intel EtherExpress & SMC EtherPower (DEC chip, 21041 (aka tulip)).
Do *NOT* use unknown NE2000 compatible (even PCI) cards - I got some
problems on my computer under kinda havy network load after switching
from ISA 3c509 to PCI Realtek. BTW, Linux might hang under havy load if
you use bad ISA card.

> I like it.. It was thrown togeather quickly and cheaply.. Works like a
> least overhead, and have the most mature drivers..


P.S. Depending on your configuration, sometimes you have to make sure,
that drivers you use support IRQ sharing. It seems it's not true for
NE2000 driver.