kernel_thread ()

Chirayu Patel (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 12:46:04 +0530 (GMT+0530)

Am sending this mail again...dont know what happened when I posted it last

I am currently developing a BSD sockets like interface within the Linux
kernel, so that it can be easier to embed application layer protocols
within the kernel. This will enable to make dedicated Linux servers,
dedicated for speed. (Please do not argue on this...I might be wrong...the
main purpose of this exercise to know more about the Linux kernel)

I am unable to find the following information currently.

1. Use of the function exit_mm () <nfsiod, thread makes use of it>.
2. I am able to create a thread within the kernel using kernel_thread ().
But how do i exit out of the thread?
3. What about signal handlers for the kernel thread? How do i install it.
4. And finally, How much different is a thread in the kernel <made by
kernel_thread()> from a user process? What are the limitations?

Can anyone shed some light on the above and give me some tips. I have
tried looking in the kernel code. But sometimes I feel as if I am looking
for a needle in a haystack.

Thanks in advance,