Configuration bug ?

Dirk Foersterling (
10 Jul 1997 23:27:57 +0200


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Source: Linux 2.0.30 (with BSD ported NCR driver 1.18d)

"make config", "make menuconfig" and "make xconfig" doesn't change the
"Audio DMA buffer size" for my sound configuration. The sound itself
works well, but I only have a 4k buffer, ending up with noticeable
clicking on 44kHz samples. It doesn't matter if I set the size to 8192,
16384, 32768 or 65536.

How I found out:

I was re-configuring and compiling my kernel several times after I noticed
the clicking noises, but this didn't help.
Unfortunately there's no dumb-user-level way to look up the DMA buffer size
(/dev/sndstat doesn't tell much and /proc doesn't have any sound entry),
so I counted the interrupts generated while playing a particular sound file.
(If I have n interrupts with 4k buffer, then I may have only about n/4
interrupts with 16k buffer...). There were no differences for all the
Audio DMA buffer sizes.

Is this a bug?


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