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Frohwalt Egerer (
10 Jul 1997 22:20:57 +0200 (Patrick St. Jean) writes:

[ SCSI 'first come first served' numbering ]

> if it would be easily changable, and a couple of aspirins later am
> writing this. It seems to me that it would be a Good Thing to have
> something like /dev/sd0a (scsi disk, id 0, first partition). Then if a
> disk gets removed for whatever reason, there are no worries.

This topic has been beaten to death here:

- The kernel dev_t currently is too small to allow for this scheme.
- With libc 5 dev_t can't be enlarged without breaking _all_ binaries.
- libc6/glibc2 allows for enlarging the kernel dev_t without breaking

=> You'll probably see a larger dev_t and a saner SCSI numbering
scheme, when libc6 is in the mainstream.

In the meanwhile use the 'scsidev' script, available on your
favourite ftp server to get a usable workaround. It's a user space
solution, it's not perfect but it solves 75% of the 'first come first
served' SCSI numbering scheme problems.


P.S.: Please do not start another 'dev_t design' thread.

Frohwalt Egerer

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