Serial Driver - How do I detect break or is it broken?
10 Jul 1997 23:09:59 +0200

I have a test system that generates a break signal from powerup, then
after a manual reset (with other things to put it into test mode) the
break goes away for 10 milliseconds, then comes back on again.

I will open the serial driver during the power-on break, set some things
and then do the reset which will cause the non-break and a new break, at
which point I have to send a baud training character.

After reading the kernel code, and the available howtos, I am completely

I added BRKINT and !IGNBRK and don't get any SIGINT. Does the order the
signal handler and these are adjusted have any effect?

All the code appears to be there, but I can't find how to set it up and
use it the way I need to.