Re: InfoWorld web server shootout

Matthias Urlichs (
10 Jul 1997 23:20:26 +0200

Alex Belits <> writes:
> [ Multi-Accept ]
> At least on FreeBSD it worked fine, but caused a significant performance
> loss because of simultaneous awakening of accept()'ing tasks even though
> for all tasks but one accept() failed when only one client connected at
> the time. In FreeBSD it's changed in 2.2.x, but I haven't looked in Linux
> code that handles it, and don't know if Linux suffers from the same
> problem.
As far as I can see from a cursory look at tcp_input.c, Linux does wake
every process that's in accept() (2.0; don't know about 2.1).

That should probably be changed...

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