Re: Huge uptimes & cosmic rays

Steven N. Hirsch (
Thu, 10 Jul 1997 21:52:18 -0400 (EDT)

On 10 Jul 1997, Systemkennung Linux wrote:

> > > Jun 27 21:47:57 2A:linus unix: Recoverable memory parity error detected by CPU a
> > > t 0xb9bb238 <0x340> code:30
> > > Jun 27 21:47:57 2A:linus unix: Memory Parity Error in SIMM S7
> > >
> > > Which is also why the "developers" of those parity generator SIMMs should
> > > be be paid back their school money. Above machine,
> > > is still up, btw.
> >
> > What motherboards are capable of properly supporting ECC and Linux? Any?
> The machine above is a Indy. Ok, under Linux it does not yet spit out
> the messages as nicely IRIX does, but we're getting closer ...
> If you're shopping for parity SIMMs or ECC PC boards, be careful. Some
> companies simply don't know what parity is ...

You said a mouthful there! An outfit here in the US just sold me (2)
4Mx32 SIMMs with (4) 8-in XOR (or is it XNOR?) gates as "x36" devices. I
paid with a charge card, so they either make it right or take them back at
their expense. Still, it's a drag and a waste of time. No reputable
business has a right to sell such things as 36-bit wide memory.